National Poetry Day Screening on Big Screen Bristol

This is the short slideshow-film that will be playing on the Big Screen in Bristol’s Millennium Square for National Poetry Day today October 6th. I am told it will remain in the schedule for the rest of October as well. But as I understand that not everyone lives in Bristol – it is also showing EVERYWHERE else courtesy of Vimeo.


To accompany the screening I spent yesterday afternoon installing a number of window sticker prints of some of the pieces from the film around Millennium Square. This was an experiment in how to take the digital out into the real world where people might stumble across them inspired by a conversation with Paula Varjack about taking art out of formal art environments. I said for a while that I am exploring the places where digital and analogue collide and have been inspired by the willingness of the @Bristol Big Screen Bristol team to humour my ideas at what in the end was crazy short notice.

I also installed a few in the windows of Boston Tea Party in Clifton, Bristol. The manager Thom and his colleague Laura likewise willing to support a bit of kooky art-poetry collision.