I write sporadically, submit only very occasionally and therefore my work is randomly spread out in the ether. These you should be able to track down with a good bloodhound and a time travelling detective:

Three montage poems (Accidental War Poem, Accidental Economist Poem and Wendy) were published by M58 in may 2014.

Imperfections in Wood was published in Verse Kraken 2.

She Liked To Swim Naked is in Inc. Zine #6 released Jan 2014

One of my Cutting Up The Economist poems was published in Streetcake 32

The Fleshmaker’s Wife won the Wyvern Prize in the Wells Festival of Literature Poetry Competition.

Road Kill was featured in Inky Finger Virtual Open Mic in April 2013

A early Cutting Up The Economist poem The Wind That Will Not Subside was in The Delinquent 19.

A short poem Colchester is in Inc. Zine #5

Road Kill was short-listed in the Wells Festival of Literature Poetry Competition (October 2011).

A Flash Fiction, Madeline Marchant & a visual poem Wired Headline Montage, in The Delinquent 15.

Message In A Bottle (Dead Cat Poem)

Qarrtsiluni (The King’s Shilling) including a podcast reading

2 Flash Fictions, How Twitter Stole His Life and The Identity Thief, and a Poem (Diet Drugs) in The Delinquent 13


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